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Auto Exposure autobracketing (often abbreviated to AEB for Automatic Exposure Bracketing or BR for Bracketing), where the camera is set to capture the same image several times with different exposure settings, both over-exposed and under-exposed (lighter and darker) compared to the current setting on the camera, which may already include exposure compensation. Depending on the camera, the difference between each of the autobracketed shots could be anywhere from one-quarter up to three full stops in each direction, in full, half, third or quarter stop increments, ranging from two up to nine shots in series. Sometimes it is possible to either define the order, in which the shots will be taken, or to give an offset as a start-point of the bracketing series. More sophisticated equipment allows auto-exposure bracketing to be combined with timer and intervalometer functions as well.

The Following table has a comprehensive list of popular cameras that have the Auto Exposure Bracketing function available.  The list also includes a link (where available) to the corresponding manual to instruct you on how to set the Auto Exposure Bracketing settings for that specific camera Make and Model.

If you have another camera to add to this list, please fill out this form so that we can keep this list as up to date as possible.

Camera ModelAEB FramesEV Step IncrementEV Range in AEBTop Burst RateManualTrainingCurrent Pricing
Acer CE-53303120.7 fpsAcer CE-5330
Canon 1D3, 5 or 73188 fpsCanon 1D
Canon 1D MKII / MKII N3, 5 or 73188.5 fpsCanon 1D MKII / MKII N
Canon 1D MKIII2, 3, 5 or 731810 fpsCanon 1D MKIII
Canon 1D MKIV2, 3, 5 or 731810 fpsCanon 1D MKIVCurrent Price
Canon 1Ds3, 5 or 73183.4 fpsCanon 1Ds Manual
Canon 1Ds MKII3, 5 or 73184 fpsCanon 1Ds MKII
Canon 1Ds MKIII3, 5 or 73185 fpsCanon 1Ds MKIII
Canon 1Ds MKIV3, 5 or 731810 fpsCanon 1Ds MKIV
Canon 1D X3, 5 or 731812 fpsCanon 1D XCreativeLive
Canon 5D3243 fps
Canon 5D Mark II3244 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 5D Mark III2, 3, 5 or 73186 fps
Canon 5D Mark IV2, 3, 5 or 73186 fpsCanon 5D Mark IVCreativeLive
Canon 6D2, 3, 5 or 73184.5 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 7D3368 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 7D Mark II2, 3, 5 or 731810 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 10D3243 fps
Canon 20D3245 fps
Canon 30D3244 fps
Canon 40D3245 fps
Canon 50D3246.3 fps
Canon 60D3246.5 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 70D3, 5 or 73187 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 300D / Digital Rebel3245.3 fps
Canon 350D / Digital Rebel XT3243 fps
Canon 400D / Digital Rebel XTi3243 fps
Canon 450D / Digital Rebel XSi3243.5 fps
Canon 500D / Digital Rebel T1i3243.4 fps
Canon 550D / Digital Rebel T2i3244 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 600D / Digital Rebel T3i3243.7 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 650D/700D/750D / Digital Rebel T4i/T5i/T6i3245 fpsCreativeLive
Canon 1000D (Rebel XS)3243 fps
Canon 1100D (Rebel T3)3244 fps
Canon 2000D (from submitted info, may be incorrect)3126 fps
Canon D30 / D603243 fps
Canon EOS M3244.3 fps
Canon EOS 1V Film3366 fps
Canon Powershot G1/G2324
Canon Powershot G3/G5/G6324
Canon PowerShot G73242 fps
Canon PowerShot G9/G103241.5 fps
Canon PowerShot G11 / G12324
Canon PowerShot G1X324
Canon PowerShot Pro13242.5 fps
Canon PowerShot S1 IS3241.7 fps
Canon PowerShot S2/S3/S5 IS3242.5 fps
Canon PowerShot S453243 fps
Canon PowerShot S503242 fps
Canon Powershot S70/S80324
Canon Powershot S903240.9 fps
Canon Powershot S953243 fps
Canon Powershot S1003242.4 fps
Canon Powershot S1203245.5 fps
Canon PowerShot SX1 IS3244 fps
Canon PowerShot SX10 IS3241.4 fps
Canon PowerShot SX20 IS31 1/32 2/3
Canon PowerShot SX30 IS324
Canon PowerShot SX4032410.3 fps
Canon PowerShot SX120 IS3245 fps
Casio EX-F13 or 52 or 1460 fps
Contax 167MT31.533 fps
Contax Aria3123 fps
Contax G13122 fps
Contax TVS Digital3123 fps
Fuji FinePix E550312
Fuji FinePix E9003122 fps
Fuji FinePix F81031210 fps
Fuji FinePix HS10312
Fuji FinePix HS2031211 fps
Fuji FinePix HS30EXR32411 fps
Fuji FinePix S131210 fps
Fuji FinePix S100FS3123 fps
Fuji FinePix S200EXR3123 fps
Fuji FinePix S1000fd312
Fuji FinePix S15003121.4 fps
Fuji Finepix S2100hd311
Fuji Finepix S2700312
Fuji Finepix S29503121.2 fps
Fuji FinePix S4000312
Fuji FinePix S5000/S55003123 fps
Fuji FinePix S5600/S57003121.4
Fuji FinePix S58003120.8
Fuji FinePix S6000fd/S6500fd3121.5 fps
Fuji Finepix S7000312
Fuji FinePix S8000fd / S8600 / S9100/S96003121.5 fps
Fuji IS-13121.5 fps
Fuji S2 Pro3122 fps
Fuji S3Pro2 or 3242.5 fps
Fuji S5 Pro2 to 9183 fps
Fuji S8400312
Fuji X1031210 fps
Fuji X2031212 fps
Fuji X100312
Fuji X100s3123 fps
Fuji X100t3126 fps
Fuji X-E13126 fpsCreativeLive
Fuji X-T13123 fpsCreativeLive
Fujifilm X-Pro293188 fps
Hasselblad H3D11-393123 fps
HP R96730.30.7
Kodak 7590DX/Z7590312
Kodak 7630DX312
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c3361.66 fps
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n3241.7 fps
Kodak DX74403123.2 fps
Kodak C360312
Kodak C643312
Kodak C8753121.5 fps
Kodak Z612 / Z7123122 fps
Kodak Z760312
Kodak Z885/Z8612/Z1285312
Kodak Z812 IS3123 fps
Kodak Z1012 IS3121.6 fps
Kodak Z1015 IS3122.1 fps
Kodak z9503121.5 fps
Kodak P7123 or 5141.6 fps
Kodak P8803 or 5142.3 fps
Konica Minolta 5D30.71.43 fps
Konica Minolta 7D3 or 50.523 fps
Minolta Dimage A130.51.52.8 fps
Konica Minolta A230.51.52.7 fps (7 at small size)
Konica Minolta A200312
Konica Minolta Dimage 7i312
Konica Minolta Dimage Z3/Z6/Z103123 fps
Minolta S4143123 fps
Leica D-LUX 33123 fps
Leica D-LUX 4 (firmware 2.2)3362.5 fps
Leica M95 (2 EV) or 7 (1 EV)282 fps
Leica S53123.5 fps
Leica X13363 fps
Mamiya 645 AFD III312
Mamiya ZD5141.2 fps
Nikon D1X3123 fps
Nikon D2H2 to 9188 fps
Nikon D2X/D2Xs2 to 9185 fps (8 cropped)
Nikon D3 / D3s2 to 9189 fps (11 in DX mode)
Nikon D3X2 to 9185 fps (7 in DX mode)
Nikon D42 to 91810 fps
Nikon D4s2 to 91811 fps
Nikon D503242.5 fps
Nikon D702 or 3243 fps
Nikon D70s2 or 3243 fps
Nikon D802 or 3243 fps
Nikon D902 or 3244.5 fps
Nikon D1002 to 3123 fps
Nikon D2002 to 9185 fps
Nikon D3002 to 9186 or 8 fps
Nikon D500531210 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D300s2 to 9188 or 9 fps
Nikon D6003366 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D6103365.5 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D7002 to 9185 fps
Nikon D7502 to 9186.5 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D800 / D800e2 to 9184 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D8102 to 9185 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D50003244 fps
Nikon D51003244 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D52003244 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D5300 / D55003245 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D70003246 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon D7100 / D720053126 fpsCreativeLive
Nikon Coolpix 45003 or 5141.3 fps
Nikon Coolpix 50003 or 5143 fps
Nikon Coolpix 54003 or 5141.25 fps
Nikon Coolpix 57003 or 5143 fps
Nikon Coolpix P432-Jan10.5 fps
Nikon Coolpix P903123.5 fps
Nikon Coolpix P100312
Nikon Coolpix P3003128 fps
Nikon Coolpix P5003128 fps
Nikon Coolpix P6003127 fps
Nikon Coolpix P5000/P51003121 fps
Nikon Coolpix P6000312
Nikon Coolpix P70003121 fps
Nikon Coolpix P7100 / P77003 to 5141 fps
Nikon 80803 or 5141.6 fps
Nikon 84003 or 5142.3 fps
Nikon 87003 or 5142.3 fps
Nikon 88003 or 5142.3 fps
Olympus C2100 Ultra Zoom3 or 5141.7 fps
Olympus C5050 Zoom3 or 514
Olympus C5060 Wide Zoom3 or 5143.3 fps
Olympus C730UZ3 or 5141 fps
Olympus C765UZ5143 fps
Olympus C770UZ514
Olympus C-80803 or 514
Olympus E-13 or 5143 fps
Olympus E-33 or 5145 fps
Olympus E-53, 5 or 7165 fps
Olympus E-20P312
Olympus E-303 or 5145 fps
Olympus E-300/E-3303123 fps
Olympus E-400/E-410/E-4203123 fps
Olympus E-5003 or 51 (3 frames), 0.3 (5 frames)22 fps
Olympus E-5103123 fps
Olympus E-5203123.5 fps
Olympus E-6203124 fps
Olympus OM-D EM13, 5 or 73 (5 frames), 2 (7 frames)1210 fpsCreativeLive
Olympus OM-D E-M53, 5 or 71 (5 frames), 0.7 (7 frames)410 fpsCreativeLive
Olympus OM-D E-M103, 5 or 71 (5 frames), 0.7 (7 frames)4.28 fpsCreativeLive
Olympus EP-1 / EP-23123 fps
Olympus EP-33, 5 or 71 (5 frames), 0.7 (7 frames)43 fps
Olympus EP-53, 5 or 73 (5 frames), 2 (7 frames)129 fps
Olympus E-PL1 / E-PL1s3123 fps
Olympus E-PL23123 fps
Olympus E-PL33, 5 or 7145 fps
Olympus E-PL53, 5 or 73 (5 frames)128 fps
Olympus Pen E-PM13, 5 or 71 (5 frames), 0.7 (7 frames)4.25.5 fps
Olympus E-PM23, 5 or 73 (5 frames)128 fps
Olympus SP-3103 or 5141.5 / 2.4 fps
Olympus SP-3203 or 5144 fps
Olympus SP-3503 or 5143 fps
Olympus SP-510UZ3 or 5141.7 fps
Olympus SP-550UZ/SP-560UZ3 or 5145 fps
Olympus SP-570UZ3 or 514
Olympus XZ-131.73.4
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS63123 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX3/FX30/FX33/FX37312
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500/FX700312
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX783126 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150/FX1803122 fps
Panasonic FZ-183123 fps
Panasonic FZ-8/FZ-20/FZ-303123 fps
Panasonic FZ-283123 fps
Panasonic FZ35/FZ383122.3 fps
Panasonic FZ403121.8 fps
Panasonic FZ5/FZ73123 fps
Panasonic Lumix FZ473127 fps
Panasonic Lumix FZ503121 fps
Panasonic Lumix FZ10033660 fps (11 fps at 14 MP)
Panasonic Lumix FZ10003, 5 or 71312 fps
Panasonic Lumix FZ15031212 fps (5 fps follow focus)
Panasonic Lumix FZ200 / FZ300 / FZ33031212 fps
Panasonic Lumix FZS13122 fps
Panasonic Lumix G1 / GF13, 5 or 73-Feb43 fps
Panasonic Lumix G1K3, 5 or 73-Feb43 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10K3, 5 or 73-Feb42 to 26 fps
Panasonic Lumix G23, 5 or 73-Feb4
Panasonic G2HK3, 5 or 73-Feb440 fps
Panasonic G3 / G3K3, 5 or 71610 fps
Panasonic GF2/GF2C3 or 53-Feb2.73.2 fps
Panasonic GF3K/GF3C3 or 53-Feb2.73.8 fps
Panasonic DMC-GF63 or 53-Feb2.73 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH173-Feb43 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH23, 5 or 7163 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH33, 5 or 7166 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM13, 5 or 7165 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX13, 5 or 7164.2
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX73, 5 or 7165 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-L13 or 5143 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-L103243 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS2312
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS80312
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX13121 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX23123 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX33124.5 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 (with firmware update)3364.5 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX53362.5 fps
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX733611 fps
Panasonic DMC-LZ3 / LZ4 / LZ53123 fps
Panasonic DMC-LZ83122.5 fps
Panasonic DMC-TS13122.3 fps
Panasonic DMC-TZ1 / TZ3 / TZ43123 fps
Panasonic DMC-TZ5 / TZ73122.5 fps
Panasonic DMC-TZ83121.9 fps
Panasonic DMC-TZ153121 fps
Panasonic DMC-TZ22 / TZ30 / TZ40312
Panasonic DMC-ZS3A3122.8 fps
Panasonic DMC-ZS5 / ZS731210 fps
Panasonic DMC-ZS1031210 fps
Panasonic DMC-ZX3312
Pentax 645Z2, 3 or 5283 fps
Pentax *ist DL3242 fps
Pentax *ist DS23243 fps
Pentax K-12, 3 or 5284.4 fps
Pentax K-32, 3 or 5288 fps
Pentax K-5 / K-5 II2, 3 or 5287 fps
Pentax K-73 or 5285.2 fps
Pentax K10D3 or 5283 fps
Pentax K20D3 or 5283 fps
Pentax K30 / K5030.51.56 fps
Pentax K100D3242.8 fps
Pentax K200D3242.8 fps
Pentax K-m / K200031.533.5 fps
Pentax K-r31.536 fps
Pentax K-x3244.7 fps
Pentax Optio 50L3120.7 fps
Pentax Optio M85324
Pentax Optio W903121.03 fps
Pentax Q30.51.53 fps
Pentax XZ-63483 fps
Ricoh Caplio R6 / R730.71.43 fps
Ricoh CX-530.51
Ricoh GR3244 fps
Ricoh GX100 / GX20030.51.52.4 fps
Samsung GX-103 or 5282 fps
Samsung GX-203248 fps
Samsung NV330.51
Samsung NX1531215 fps
Samsung NX5 / NX10 / NX113363 fps
Samsung NX203368 fps
Samsung NX1003363 fps
Samsung NX2003367 fps
Samsung NX2103368 fps
Samsung NX300312
Samsung NX10003368 fps
Samsung NX33003365 fps
Samsung NX Mini336
Samsung Pro 8153 or 528
Samsung s85030.510.8 fps
Samsung s105033-Jan0.7
Samsung ST663123 fps
Samsung TL22030.51
Samsung TL32033-Jan0.7
Samsung TL500/EX1324
Samsung WB50030.30.66 fps
Samsung WB85030.30.61 fps
Sigma SD143363 fps
Sigma SD153 or 53 (3 frames), 1.7 (5 frames)63 fps
Sigma DP1 / DP-1s / DP23363 fps
Sony Alpha A33 / A35 / A3730.71.47 fps
Sony Alpha A55 / A5730.71.410 fps
Sony Alpha A58336
Sony Alpha A6530.71.410 fps
Sony Alpha A7 / A7 Mark II3 or 53 (3 frames), 0.7 (5 frames)64 fps
Sony Alpha A773 or 53 (3 frames), 0.7 (5 frames)612 fps
Sony Alpha A77 Mark II3 or 52812 fps
Sony Alpha A7R SLT (ILCE-7)3364 fps
Sony Alpha A7R II5 or 93 (5 frames), 1 (9 frames)125 fps
Sony Alpha A99 SLT3 or 53 (3 frames), 1 (5 frames)610 fps
Sony Alpha A-10030.71.41.4 fps
Sony Alpha A-20030.71.43 fps
Sony Alpha A-23030.71.41.4 fps
Sony Alpha A-30030.71.43.5 fps
Sony Alpha A-33030.71.41.4 fps
Sony Alpha A-35030.71.43.5 fps
Sony Alpha A-38030.71.42.5 fps
Sony Alpha A-39030.71.4
Sony Alpha A-45030.71.47 fps
Sony Alpha A-50033-Feb1.4
Sony Alpha A-55033-Feb1.49 fps
Sony Alpha A-58033-Feb1.410 fps
Sony Alpha A-7003 or 50.72.75 fps
Sony Alpha A-700 - V4 firmware3 or 52 (with 3 frames)45 fps
Sony Alpha A-850 - V2 firmware3 or 53 (with 3 frames)23 fps
Sony Alpha A-900 - V2 firmware3 or 53 (with 3 frames)65 fps
Sony Alpha A60003 or 53 (3 frames), 0.7 (5 frames)611 fps
Sony Alpha A630071611 fps
Sony DSC-828312
Sony DSC-F7073120.5 fps
Sony DSC-F7173123 fps
Sony DSC-H13121.25 fps
Sony DSC-H23120.8 fps
Sony DSC-H53120.9 fps
Sony DSC-H73122.2 fps
Sony DSC-H93122.2 fps
Sony DSC-H10312
Sony DSC-H50/H553121.6 fps
Sony DSC-H203121.8 fps
Sony DSC-HX1 / HX5V / HX9V31210 fps
Sony DSC-HX100V / HX20V / HX30V31210 fps
Sony DSC-N1312
Sony DSC-P10 / P123126 fps
Sony DSC-R13123 fps
Sony DSC-R29185 fps
Sony DSC-RX13 or 5145 fps
Sony DSC-RX10 Mark II531214 fps
Sony DSC-RX100 / 100 Mark II30.71.4
Sony DSC-RX100 Mark III3 or 5142.5 fps
Sony DSC-T7/DSC-T93121.25 fps
Sony DSC-T10312
Sony DSC-T100312
Sony DSC-T2003122 fps
Sony DSC-T33312
Sony DSC-T5003121 fps
Sony DSC-V13122 fps
Sony DSC-V33123 fps
Sony DSC W2312
Sony DSC W80 / W90312
Sony DSC-W1503121.5 fps
Sony DSC-W170 / W290312
Sony DSC-WX1312
Sony NEX-3C30.71.45.5 fps
Sony NEX-3N3364 fps
Sony NEX-530.71.47 fps
Sony NEX-5n (firmware 1.02)33610 fps
Sony NEX-5T33610 fps
Sony NEX-6 (firmware 1.02)33610 fps
Sony NEX-7 (firmware 1.01)33610 fps
Sony NEX-F330.71.45.5 fps
Sony NEX-VG1030.30.77 fps
Traveler DC-X530.71.4